Our hotel room focuses on comfort and proximity – close to Fredericia and the highway.

Rooms for every occasion

At Trinity Hotel and Conference, we offer a wide range of rooms that suit your preferences.

There’s nothing better than checking into a comfortable hotel room with plenty of space to unwind after a long day. At Trinity Hotel and Conference, we have over 150 rooms that vary in size and options. Our hotel rooms are perfect for all types of stays – from private visits to business travelers.

Your stay can be tailored to your needs.


Here you will find our overview over all of our different hotel rooms. All of the room prices includes our big morning buffet and free parking.

More than a hotel

If you are looking for more than just a room for a quick overnight stay, we can also accommodate that. Trinity Hotel and Conference is best known for our ability to host and facilitate large conferences and smaller meetings. In addition to 151 hotel rooms, you will also find over 30 different meeting and conference rooms that can be booked on an hourly or daily basis.

All our rooms can be booked for events in the house. If you have a large group, we cooperate with nearby hotels and can naturally accommodate your needs for larger and smaller corporate events requiring overnight stays.

Read more under Meetings and Conferences.

What rooms can Trinity offer?

We have a variety of rooms at Trinity Hotel and Conference. Here you can see an overview of our hotel rooms:

All rooms are tastefully decorated, and regardless of your accommodation needs, you will feel comfortable in our rooms. It is possible to upgrade from one type of room to another. Let us know if you wish to upgrade before arrival so we can ensure the right room is ready for you.

The Junior Suite is furnished with a dining area and a sofa bed, where it is possible to accommodate an extra person or two children. This room is therefore unique for the small family.

Our Superior Plus double rooms are beautifully decorated with comfortable beds, light wood, and good lounge furniture. They are some of our largest rooms, and it is possible to add extra bedding here.

Our Superior rooms are also large and bright with a focus on good beds so you can get a well-deserved night’s sleep. They are available as both double and single rooms.

The Standard rooms are comfortable for those who do not spend much time in the room and would rather prioritize experiences. The room has all the necessities you dream of but at a slightly lower price than the other hotel rooms.

Should you choose a single or double room?

When staying at a hotel, comfort is paramount. You are far from your own bedroom, but at Trinity, we want to make luxury the standard. Because a bed is not just a bed. When you book a hotel room with us, you need to decide whether you want a single room or a double room.

A single room offers ultimate privacy and personal space. It is perfect for travelers who appreciate peace and uninterrupted time alone. Whether you are on a business trip or need a retreat during your vacation, a single room allows you to relax and recharge without disturbances.

On the other hand, a double room can be the ideal solution if you are traveling with a partner, friend, or colleague. Sharing the cost of a double room can be economically advantageous and allows you to enjoy the same facilities at a lower price per person. It is also a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bond with your travel companion.

We offer dog-friendly, allergy-friendly, and handicap-friendly rooms

At Trinity Hotel and Conference, you can naturally bring your best friend, the dog. We have many dog-friendly rooms, so you can bring them along on your hotel stay. Additionally, we also offer allergy-friendly rooms for those who need it.

We are also a part of God Adgang, which is an endorsement of our hotel for those who may need a little extra assistance.

If you have special needs in one way or another, it is best to contact us in advance so we can make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Where is Trinity Hotel and Conference located?

Trinity is located near the Little Belt and the Old Little Belt Bridge – not far from Fredericia. It is a unique location for a hotel of our caliber. We are set in scenic surroundings, so whether you are here for private or business reasons, you will find everything within a reasonable time.

The journey here can be made via the highway, public transportation, or by bike. With the highway close by and over 200 free parking spaces with the option to charge your electric car at our 38 charging stations, you can easily and conveniently drive here.

If you arrive by public transportation, you can get here by train and bus. Check the travel plan or contact us at rec@trinity.dk, and we will assist you with directions.

As mentioned, the hotel is located in scenic surroundings, so there are plenty of opportunities to take a walk in the area around Little Belt or go into Fredericia. Fredericia has a lot to offer.

How do I book a hotel room?

When planning your visit with us and wanting a hotel room, you can book online through our booking system here. Booking all rooms is easiest through that system.

If you are a larger group, you can advantageously book by contacting us. We are always happy to help arrange the rooms close to each other when families travel together.

Book a hotel stay with your hotel room

If you want to sweeten your life, you can consider a hotel stay at Trinity Hotel and Conference. Depending on the stay you choose, it naturally includes a hotel room, breakfast, and dinner.

We have stays for those who want to play golf, go bridge walking, or just get away from everyday life.

See all our stays here and choose the one that suits you.